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Saturday, April 13, 2013

Fox News Bashes Canadian Military Site

Fox News Bashes Canadian Military Site

Russell Peters, Canadian born comedian of Indian descent, bashes Canada first

Our Accents

  • Canadian born Russell Peters bashes white Canadians and our accents. Hee-haw, lol.

Jim Carrey, Canadian-born actor, satirizes his Canadian roots, lol

  • The Great Moose and the squirrel?

    • Drilling a hole in the ice to get food.
    • Building an igloo.

A Canadian Icon, RIP Stompin' Tom Connors

A concert

  • We'll get to work on Monday

    But tonight is only Sunday

    And we'll get to work tomorrow

    On a Sudbury Saturday night.


    Fox News Insults Canada and Canada's Military

    "This is the perfect time to invade this ridiculous country"


    • Fox News Apologizes for Insulting Canadian Troops


May I ask, humbly, as a fourth generation Canadian, what's the difference between Canada dissing the USA and the USA dissing Canada? Is it the difference between an elephant sitting on a mouse and a mouse sitting on an elephant? (Or eagle)?

Come on, Canada, lighten up. Our military is no longer lean and mean, we take over the hill guys from the city and train them for six weeks in mud and broken terrain, then set them loose in Afghanistan. Sure, we're no longer peacekeepers.

Fox, as we all know, is rah rah America and that's to be expected. What about our Rick Mercer report? Funny as hell, sure. But insulting to our neighbors?


See this for dissing one's neighbors. Funny? Yes. Insulting to the USA? Sure.

  • Let's have a beer and laugh about it.


     Lastly, Rick Mercer with "Everything you Wanted to Know about Canada but were afraid to ask."

    • God save the Queen.  

      Americans respond: 

"The people of the greatest nation in the world. We respect other cultures, and are tolerant, unlike European people who stereotype us as fat and lazy. FYI, everyone in America doesn't like McDonalds... in fact many of us don't... and by the way there is McDonalds EVERYWHERE!!

"George W. Bush is in no way an example of a "typical" American. In reality, there are no "typical" Americans... We are a melting pot of many cultures.

"So before you diss the Americans, think of this.

"OUR ANCESTORS ARE ITALIAN, SPANISH, GERMAN, FRENCH, SWISS, GREEK, etc. So yeah keep insulting yourselves =D
*German guy*: Americans are fat and dumb.
*American w/ German ancestry*:Yeah dude, our ancestors were cousins. Think it through"

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  1. What a HOOT! I laughed and laughed! Americans, trying to appear world-news-savvy, saying that yes, we should bomb Saskatchewan; believing that Canada owns mining rights to Mt. Rushmore and congratulating Canada on their National Igloo. This post cracked me up!

  2. Would you say this is a friendly rivalry?