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Thursday, April 11, 2013

CAPTCHA What do you think?

Hi, good readers.

I recently removed the CAPTCHA requirement, you know, the word you have to type in to leave a comment. Since then I've had two or three disturbing comments in spam which I have to remove.

If it continues I'll have to put the CAPTCHA back, sorry.

Some sick people out there. Especially seems to involve telephone sex or people involved in telephone sex, I think maybe one of those comments slipped through.

Welcome to the rest of you who comment, much appreciated.


  1. Awww! Them bastoids! I've appreciated the absence of captcha ... but do what you must, eh?

  2. I'll leave the moderation off for now and see id I get any more robots. Thanks, Judi. I love the comments but am not ready for phonsex, haha

  3. That's sex no less. I have not had this experience thus far but knock on wood. It's a tough call which way to go. Delete delete delete for now.

  4. Yes, Lauren, but I've had no more spam comments thus far except for two or three in running on phone sex. Maybe they think an elderly white woman living alone would be interest, lol.

  5. Have you had any more spam/ I have not had this not yet. How are you Kenna? Did you go on a trip any where? I wish I could travel but just can't afford it. Not right now perhaps soon. Hopefully anyway. :)

  6. No more spam for about a month now, fingers crossed, Lauren, thanks. I hope you can visit your friend in Michigan sometime. It's quite lovely there, at least in the northern part. I did go to the Upper Peninsula when crossing over to Mackinac Island on the bridge and then the ferry to the island. I don't think I'd care to go to Flint or Detroit in particular but I do live in a large city and so like the rural vacation I had. It was very relaxing and so much fun. A lot to see. I wanted to make things easy for my readers and not force them to enter a Capcha before making comments, but it took several attempts before the spam finally stopped. It was a robot, I think.