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Friday, April 5, 2013

$99 Vacations

The economy is horrific and horrible. Our savings are eaten into by inflation and no jobs.

Still, learn to be flexible. The trees sway in the rains and spring breezes and are not uprooted.

Every now and then you need to shake things up and surprise everybody.

Maybe you'd rather save for a $99 vacation rather than buy that new gadget for your garden or kitchen. Only you know what really pleases you.

Yes, you can find bargains on-line.

Note: I don't endorse these sites and have not personally tried them out. It's up to you to do the research. Still, check out these great-sounding deals...

  • Check out Las Vegas Hotel deals at for as low as $22 CDN a night.

  • How about a Caribbean cruise or a Mexican Baja cruise for a $99 vacation and guarantee?

  • An inexpensive $99 vacation Las Vegas vacation package? Your choice of two deals. Includes lodging, food, Vegas show tickets and more. Says the site.
  •  Orlando vacation package for 3 days and 2 nights for $99? Disneyworld or SeaWorld not included, but while you're there, why not?
  • Westgate Resorts vacation packages, $99 vacation for up to a family of 8, complete vacation packages across the country.

The mission of my blog is to provide practical information that encourages independence and free spirited thinking in harmony with our mother Earth.

Only you know what would make you happy. There are no bonus points in life for suffering through what other people say you should enjoy.

Including me.

Let me know what you plan for the summer and a simpler, happier, and more affordable life.


  1. Be careful to watch out for hidden charges, I think. But it sounds like fun!

  2. Yes, thanks, pal. That's true, and I haven't checked these out so can't recommend or endorse them. But they are intriguing. Note that airfare is not included.