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Wednesday, April 3, 2013


Bee on apple blossom, symbol of Michigan

Yesterday we talked about spring diets. Today we will talk about spring flowers decorations, bright colors like robin's egg blue rugs and a teacup the tender golden color of an egg yolk, curtains the chartreuse of new leaves, a hyacinth-mauve toss pillow.

Winter is mostly neutral: white snow, dirty grey snow, dark branches against a neutral sky. 

Lovely pink orchid

Wake up! It's spring and we can use the colors of spring to refresh and cleanse our palettes, invite a new color over to play, make a clean sweep of our rooms (what's wrong with old-fashioned spring cleaning, decluttering?). 

  • Include flowers and fresh spring greens.
  • This is the perfect time to bring juicy round bulbs and other living greens into our homes.
  • Try a bunch of leeks or parsley set into a pretty vase or jug.
  • Flowers and flower colors and shapes bring vitality into a room.
    Nature shows us the way! Bring spring flowers decorations and colors into your home. There's nothing like the natural world in Spring for giving us all a breath of fresh air when we need it most. 
  • Some of us live in arid or more temperate climates than others.  
  • To these, the advent of spring is less invigorating, perhaps, signalling the end of a pleasant winter and the beginning of relentless summer heat.
  •  Still, it's pleasant to celebrate the seasons, take the green and white of a flowering Saquaro or a yellow flowering barrel cactus.

    Move things around, make a quick pick-up if you don't have time for a major spring cleaning, give some time and thought to what you want to bloom and grow in your life this growing season and begin to imagine it. Decorating with spring flowers begins in your heart. Be creative.
    I hope these few tips on spring flowers decorations and the renewed energy that comes with spring help my readers to find their mojo after a long cold winter - even my Arizona readers and desert readers, more temperate climes, or the Australian readers on the other side of the world who are just entering autumn, find your quick and free fix for winter-stuck energy.

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Flowering cactus


  1. Reminds me of Elise's photography.

  2. Why, thank you, Sue. That is a great compliment to the photographer. Yes, Elise has a special way with nature and the natural colors and shapes and feels of her garden world. I think it would be great if Elise could see this post and comment on it. Thanks again.