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Sunday, February 1, 2015

Secret violence unpremeditated and vicarious

Red Herrings was featured on Book Goodies, but now it's buried on the first page. I regret I don't keep up my website/blog, and would love some input for future features if you could.

I thought I'd talk about violence, which many experience vicariously through mysteries and thrillers. I just watched a Star Trek episode which claimed that the "seeds of violence" are present in all of us.

Years ago in 1975 or 1976 two of my actions were violent, and though it didn't lead to post traumatic stress syndrome for the victim, still I feared that, and regretted the incidents very much. I've been told also that anyone can become violent if pushed far enough. At that time, I was being pushed, also, I was undiagnosed and unmedicated.

In 1984, when I was married to an emotionally/sexually abusive husband, after my first husband had died in a motorcycle accident 10 years before, I pounded my second husband on the back of his neck at one time, so frustrated and abused I felt.

I wonder if the violence present in movies and on TV appeals to that part of the audience who are being "pushed too far" in life?

As I was, and reacted. I vowed never again to use violence or lust as an excuse for socially abusive behavior.

If you wish to experience vicarious violence, do read Red Herrings where two macabre, indeed disgusting, murders take place.

Imaginary and pretend, like my life has often been.

I think there's nothing wrong with humility, humanity, and honesty. Talk tough, pound a pillow, or lose yourself in a good thriller. Don't use force or bully an innocent victim. I have grown gentle though I still love martial arts. It's possible to overcome a troubled childhood and a significant mental illness.

With love and persistence and honesty.

What's your favorite form of escapism? Is it a thriller, a crime novel, a mystery? And why? What seeds of violence in yourself do they nourish? Or lust (close to violence, in my opinion)

This post brought to you by Red Herrings, a mystery thriller starring a schizophrenic private eye, a handsome detective, and two macabre murders to solve in a small island town in Canada.