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Friday, December 20, 2013

Christmas sale on now till January 3, 2014 at Imajin Books

Christmas Book Sale

Imajin Books from December 20-January 3

Loads of great eBooks from $0.99 to $1.99! Stock up now on last minute Christmas gifts, stocking stuffers, great for that teen on your list or that hard to buy for reader.

Don't forget SpaceHive, my debut MG/YA sci-fi thriller!

Monday, December 16, 2013


Three Successful Bloggers I Follow

  1. Jeremy Shipp
  2. Allan Douglas
  3. John Stanton


 His blog is here. He wrote Attic Clowns and many pieces of cutting edge horror with a twisted humor and an odd sense of vulnerability.

I like Jeremy because his blog is called and he's not following the "rules" just as I do on my blog,, not my name and a dedicated website. The reason I do that is because I have a home based transcription business that uses my name on a dedicated site. But Jeremy doesn't have to do that. He just is different and doesn't care what people may think, he isn't trying to be a big shot but he is.

He was short-listed for the Bram Stoker award and is a very young, very valuable human being.

He likes cats. I think I hurt his feelings once. He had a cat who sickened and died, and I thought he was joking. Perhaps he was. Perhaps he wasn't. I'm sorry.
 He says things on his blog like this, “Let me tell you how you should live,” said the humans to each other, every day, forever.

He also featured an interview with me on his blog once when I was a new writer and my debut novel, SpaceHive, was released. 

Jeremy does not have a lot of comments on his blog and I think he should have thousands of followers but I don't think he does. You should check him out and tell him Kenna sent you. He also sews and sells funny little felt creatures. Very different kind of guy and an excellent author.


Allan writes a blog called Random Thoughts. He is down to earth, a farmer type guy, and funny in a droll sort of way. He also has an alter ego, but I'll let you figure that out. I like him. 

He's a mountain man, lives with his wife Marie on the side of the Great Smoky Mountains east of Kentucky, and has no children but two dogs. 

He's interested in my little stories of where I grew up on a small family farm in northeastern British Columbia, Canada, and how it was 60+ years ago. 

He also writes very well, and has published three books, one called "Random Thoughts" -- blog posts from yes, Random Thoughts.

You'll like him. He's chatty, pleasant, and funny, and is a man of many trades, a superb carpenter, and knows how to get rid of ants.
Clouds on English Mountain


Because he's the founder of the Running Room here in Canada and I run. I've met John Stanton in person, shook his hand, bought his books "Running" and "Walking" and he autographed both. He is a hard core runner and a great inspiration. He shows up at almost every running event across Canada eventually, and I saw a photo of John waiting for the last runner of the day and he had his picture taken with her at a particular race. 

He is my running hero. I like the Running Room, too. They have running clinics, lots of cool running gear, sponsor races, are knowledgeable about all aspects of running, and are friendly and approachable.

Check out John Stanton's Facebook page. He says things like, 

Trying to get a buddy to run … instruction is great... but encouragement and support are better. 

A reader replies that Running Room is her support. Me too.

Three Bloggers

I hope you find this list useful. I enjoy their sites and their personalities, and think you will, too. 


Sunday, December 15, 2013

Celebrate the Season with Imajin Books' 25 Days of Christmas Giveaways

This Christmas season, Canadian publishing house Imajin Books decided to do things a bit differently. Instead of only 25 days of contests and discounts as in past years, they're holding various events from December 1st to January 3rd. Okay, so they can't count, but they believe readers deserve to be rewarded. And we agree!

From December 1-25, Imajin Books will be awarding random prizes to those who leave comments on their Facebook page. So drop by, check out their posts and leave a comment or question.

Want to win even more? Check out their Share the Imajin Books Buzz contest. You could win a Kindle Fire HD or Kobo equivalent, or one of two $50 Amazon gift cards. This contest also runs December 1-25. To enter, visit the Rafflecopter contest widget below or at You can enter multiple times a day.

Tuesday, December 10, 2013

Grab this poem this winter's evening it's a gift

Gifts for a Winter's Evening

This place—silver, cold,
 frightened all the elves away,
 they like to play.
My sister's tall and thin
like winter wind
There was a place for her but not within
The suburbs but the furs
Here in Glenora.

Wait for a new year,
We can tell her
By the faery lights across her falling
on her icy face like stars and then
they warm her neglected soul like
concrete pierced by years of wear.
He is strong and won her and
the safe white house.
So happy.

She likes to play
but I will give my sister
ginger tea and cookies;
Lewis Carroll and a poem
As though I, too, were wealthy,
somehow a partner in a faery firm
of miscreants.

Sunday, December 8, 2013

Quick and Easy Short Story: The Stalker and his Victim

The Stalker

The wind rushed through an echoing home with only a television screen and an open window seen from the street. He can't do it again, Patricia thought. Someone had stalked her for eighteen years. Far too long; she must take a stand. Her queer and unexpected marriage hadn't stopped the harassment.
She was terrified.

The courier stopped to admire her yard, carefully tended with dirt and stone, her husband in the back with a wheelbarrow. The postman brought ten postcards and a box of poems. He can't do it again, she thought.
She was terrified.

Her stalker knew her birthplace, too, and shaped cookies of Ohio in a tin box with the postcards. His apology wasn't true to her. Hazel eyes and blue eyes had locked together once in a sitting room. She knew him.
She was terrified.

Patricia knew the game hadn't ended, but the stalker forgot the fun of it when the lawyers made their run.
He was terrified.

A victim shouldn't have to pay once in fact and once in court, so the stalker whispered he was guilty—for sending postcards and a box of poems asking for forgiveness. His love was so very wrong, his heart was raw and his song was long.
He was terrified.

Her phone was silent for many months but each mail brought further fears, until the fox and hound changed places. She knew then what the stalker meant when he said to trust him and his dangerous faith. They'd known each other in this strange relationship long enough to know each other well. I can do it now, he wrote, I can stop.

He can't do it, she thought, he can't quit the game, it won't work, he's too weak.

But the apology was finally there—

Please God no fear. She gazed at her husband, placing shrubs in the back yard, and knew it was over. How did she know? Her husband the defendant, and she the patient deer bowed low for the next call.

Co-dependence is a dreadful thing. She finished the bottle and smiled. He wiped his face with a dirty hand. Their eyes locked, the stalker and the victim.

Thursday, December 5, 2013

Quick and Easy Book Fair Buys

Book Fair Saturday December 7

Authors for Altruism

PCL Theater, Arts Barns, Old Strathcona, Edmonton, AB

10330 - 84 Avenue, enter through north side of Arts Barns

1:30-4:30 p.m.

Lots of authors for charity!

Pick up some great stocking stuffers and support the Alzheimer's Society and/or the children's wish foundation.

10 percent of all proceeds from the book fair goes toward charity.

Meet bestselling author Rick Lauber (Caregivers' Guide for Canadians, Chicken Soup for the Soul Christmas 2013)

Meet Kat Flannery and other bestselling authors

Kat Flannery, Hazardous Unions, Lakota Honour

Meet Kenna McKinnon, author of BIGFOOT BOY: Lost on Earth and SpaceHive



FREE bookmarks and postcards, lots of great stuff