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Saturday, October 26, 2013


Contest going on my Facebook page - win a free signed copy of Bigfoot Boy: Lost on Earth when it's released, guess the date it will be released (originally Oct. 31 but now it could be Nov. 1-2, anybody's guess)!

Bigfoot's name is Errl, enter to win a $25 Amazon gift card.

Like my FB page and unmask the photo of Bigfoot Boy little by little, day by day!

Thursday, October 17, 2013


My newest YA novel, BIGFOOT BOY: Lost on Earth will be released November 1-2. The release date has been pushed back by a few days due to last minute changes in scheduling.

An Amazon link isn't available yet but will be up on the date it's published by Mockingbird Lane Press.

I'll keep you posted.

Here's a link to the Bibliophilic Book Blog which features BIGFOOT BOY this week! Read all about it here.

In the meantime, did you know Bigfoot Boy found romance in the forests near Cranbrook, British Columbia?

What should we call the fair furry creature?

Bigfoot calls her Hunny.

Can you think of a more appropriate name?

COULD THIS BE ERRL? lol Actual Sasquatch sighting in Creston Flats, B.C.
Wednesday, October 9, 2013

Stalkers and Fear

What do you think of this ditty I wrote about a stalker and the fear on both sides?

It's a mental aberration, you know, like the woman who insisted she lived in David Letterman's house and kept breaking in.


The wind rushed through an echoing home
Only a screen and the ringing phone,
He cannot do it again, she thought.
She was terrified.

The mailman stopped to admire her yard
Carefully tended with dirt and stone,
Ten postcards and a box of poems.
He cannot do it again, she thought.
She was terrified.

Her stalker knew her birthplace, too,
Shaped cookies of Ohio,
His apology did not ring true.
Hazel eyes and eyes of blue
Locked once in a sitting room.
She was terrified.

Certain teachers have a nose
For truth in voice or truth in prose,
He knew the game had not begun.
He cannot do it again, she thought.
The stalker knew it was all in fun
But forgot when the lawyers made their run.
He was terrified.

A victim should not have to pay
Once in fact and once in court,
So the stalker whispered guilt
For postcards and a box of poems
Asking for forgiveness.
Loved maybe once so very wrong,
His heart was raw and his song was long.
She was terrified.

The phone was silent all these years
Each mail brought further fears
Until the fox and hound changed place,
She knew then what the stalker meant
To trust him and his dangerous faith.
 I can do it now, he'd written,
He can't do it again, she thought,
The apology was finally there—
Please God no fear.

Friday, October 4, 2013

Guess Whose Day?

Guess What Day This Is?

Whose day is it?

This day in 1974 John Lennon released "Walls and Bridges" album.

I was in my third year at the University of Alberta sitting in a classroom. I was a mature student, 29 years old until later that month, when I turned the big 3-0, with some trepidation. 

It was a Friday, the same as this year, and a big year for me.

I met someone that semester who would change my life forever.

From Wikipedia:
The title of the album refers to the barriers that Lennon had constructed between himself and others and to his hope that those barriers could be surmounted.Lennon said, "Walls keep you in either protectively or otherwise, and bridges get you somewhere else."

Thursday, October 3, 2013


Judith Hansen is commenter of the week

How many comments?

Five comments in one day!

  1. Where does the woman excited to go to work ... work? She must be a model, eh? These are all good suggestions.
  2. Nice! Interesting post for Edmontonians and us Michiganders, too!
  3. Because of all the hurt, we have built fences
    to keep in the tears and to keep out the pain.
    And they exist well past their purpose,
    keeping out the love as well.
  4. Our loved ones are with us for too short a time. What good would hope be if it didn't include being with them again?
  5. Unfair! Right under the video on Christian weight loss is a picture of a delicious cinnamon roll! Yes, some churches need "Dieting for Dummies", LOL!

See if you can tell me which posts these comments are from?

For anyone who has all five posts correct I'll send you a $10 Amazon gift certificate. Please include your email address sent to me from my Profile page.

Judi gets a $15 Amazon gift certificate for being the winner of the greatest amount of comments in one week (really she did this all in one day).

Congratulations, Judi!