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Friday, April 5, 2013

Alison Can Read Follow Bloggers

I found a lovely blog called Alison Can Read. 

Her alter ego pal is Parajunkee but I found her more difficult to follow as you have to sign up for an account to follow Parajunkee's blog.

Girl reading with golden lab, not Alison or Parajunkee but girl and her dog with book. SpaceHive?

Alison has a lovely blog and it's meant to follow other bloggers and maybe have one's blog featured on a Friday. Other bloggers apparently will follow your blog.

I haven't checked this out due to time and my difficulty in understanding exactly what I should do, but I'm sure for a younger and more savvy person it's a great idea.

I need some help. Can anyone tell me how to embed a link in a photo on blogger? My very kind publisher told me how at one time but I've lost her instructions. As she's a very busy lady I don't want to bother her a second time. However, I will bother you, my kind and busy readers, if you don't mind a comment.

Oh, yes, and Alison also told me how to remove the CAPTCHA from the comments section, so please do try to comment and let me know if you have any trouble. 
If you have any trouble commenting, you may email me on my contact page, second page, and I don't mind at all. I love comments, and I thank Lauren for following me, too, it was great to hear from you, Lauren, and I did follow back.

Blessings and may the force be with you all,


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