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Monday, April 29, 2013

SPACEHIVE 99 CENTS MAY 3 - 10, 2013

SPACEHIVE will be ON SALE MAY 3-10 Inclusive

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An Excerpt 

Chapter Two

On planet Jive Hive, General Vard's vicious Black Watch wasp soldiers lived in papery wasp hives under the cliffs of the Hollow Hills. They guarded the spy devices that searched the sky every night and the huge ship—SpaceHive.


Each soldier was over nine feet tall and wore a black patch so he could be identified as part of the evil general's special force. Fierce and cold-hearted, they would fight to the death.
"Attention," one of the wasp soldiers announced as the general made his way toward them.
General Vard's barbed arms scraped together. "We go to the valley tonight to tell my plan to the workers and drones. I will go to the queen to talk about matters of state."
"Matters of state?" A young sergeant snapped to attention. "Are the rumours true then, sir? Are we going to have a new queen?"
"None of your beeswax, soldier."
With one swift motion, the general stabbed the young wasp in the neck. His friends ate the fallen sergeant right away.
Fierce wasp

"That's better," the general said to a slim wasp standing beside him. "Now clean up this mess, Captain Pecula, and report to me first thing tomorrow morning. I want all the soldiers on full parade by noon tomorrow. We must make a show of force to impress those lazy, good-for-nothing workers and drones. And tell them to shape up so they can ship out when I say so, with no whining from even the smallest of them."
"I'm sure they'll be just fine, sir," the captain said. "The death rays and weapons are ready. We have the maps and graphs we need, and the pilots can hardly wait to take off."
"Remember now, we must not destroy the planet Earth. Just the people. We want to be able to live on the planet after the humans are dead." He scratched his chin. "If the humans give up and don't fight, kill them all for food. If they fight, they fight to the death anyway."
"What happens when Earth is crowded like our home, the Jive Hive?" Captain Pecula asked. "When there are too many new queens, new workers and drones, what then?"
"Then we move on. But that is light years away."
"We can't expand forever."
The general gave him a hard look and the captain closed his mouth. "We can and we will, Captain Pecula."
"I won't ask any more questions, sir."
"That's smart." The general grunted. "Now I must meet with Queen Selera. I must convince her she can't come with us to our new home. She must feed a younger queen, one who will lead us into victory in this new world."
"Yes, sir."
"A couple of centuries from now," the general mused, "another general will decide the fate of Earth when there will be too many of us again. He'll take his decision to a future queen, who will give orders to seek out a new home."
A lieutenant looked at the poisoned tip of the general's spike. "We'll have to limit our population another way after we've used up Earth. The Eternity Drive can't take us any farther…"
Anger gleamed in the general's eyes. "Who else knows how the War Games are going to end?" He held the lieutenant up with his stubby barbed hands.
"Only four of us know." The lieutenant gasped. "Besides me, all majors."
"I'll talk to them." The general let the soldier fall to the ground. "Perhaps they can be trusted. But they must be questioned. Captain Pecula?"
"Yes, sir, I'll bring them right away."
"I'll see the queen first."
The general flew into the night, down the valley, up the slopes to the royal palace. His grim figure was a fearful shadow against the second of the setting three moons.
"You don't have enough honey in your system, General Vard," the old bee queen said and heaved her body to a more comfortable position. "Do the War Games really say our migrations will end?"
Honey from a jar
"This move may be the last migration to another planet. After that…" The general flexed his spiky black hands, rattled his sword.
"Mercy killing of any bees who can't find food on the earth at that time," the queen finished. "We'll need more land in a century or two, and Earth is our last hope. We've moved to all the other known planets in the star systems we can get to. After Earth has been used up, perhaps we could kill our own bees with a virus and they won't know where it came from. We'd have to make room for the rest of us. Who else knows of this matter?" The queen's shoulders rippled.
"Four senior officers, along with Captain Pecula, you and I."
"Five too many soldiers. Kill them."
"Yes, Highness." The general grinned. "Orders have already been given."
"And the workers and drones you're shipping to Earth?"
"They'll be happy once again, under the vigilant eyes of my Black Watch. We'll be happy for a long time, after we've killed the humans."
"For a hundred years or more, I think," the queen said. "I've bought them that much time."
"Now," the general rasped. "Prepare the new queen. She must be warlike. And strong."
"I will see to it."
The general saluted. "Your majesty." General Vard flew off, after a stiff bow to Her Royal Highness.
The workers and drones in the valley below huddled closer as they saw the dread image cross over the third moon up to the paper caverns hidden in the Hollow Hills.
"A new young queen will be chosen by the old queen from the dozens of female eggs she lays every day," the general explained to his soldiers. "The new queen will be beautiful and grow to be wise. She'll be healthy, fit and full of life. She'll be spared, fed with royal jelly and grow to be a queen in her own right—smart and warlike enough to guide our bees to their new world."
Yes, a new queen would lead them into war, under the eye of the Black Watch. So it would be. A young and strong queen. The old queen would stay on the old Jive Hive and watch over a failing population.
The wasps were happy.


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