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Friday, January 27, 2012

Busy as a Bee and Delusional

A wise friend once told me that everyone has the same number of hours in the day and it's up to us how to use them. I know he meant apportion the hours wisely and don't complain how busy we are because there are choices of how busy we are and what we spend our time on. I often think of his words when I'm apt to complain I have no time. As a result, I also spend time on fun and exercise such as karate and gym. A gym not far from me offers great karate classes. I break up my day and am fortunate to have the flexibility to do so.

Unfortunately, I fell last October and hurt my right ankle and knee, developed arthritis in them, and my doc was hesitant to recommend karate or any form of exercise I like including walking.

"You're not 17 anymore, my friend," he said famously. I am so, in my head I'm 17, and I love to do something I enjoy such as karate at Panther Gym. If we're lucky, we all eventually lurch with a 17-year-old mind on our old arthritic feet to the grave. I've suffered from delusions in the past but knowing we're all capable of much more, even past our years of wine and roses, keeps me interested and grounded -- seeking more fulfillment, more adventure, and finally, contentment.

I write books about giant bees or horror anthologies about time machines and the end of the world. Read my Kindle and become motivated. Wonder if I'm crazy to think the world is a giant sandbox for my entertainment. Don't sleep because there aren't enough hours in the day. Work at my home based medical transcription business during the day and write at night.

Does anyone else wonder if the world is here to entertain and educate us, and if we're delusional to think so?


  1. Judi tried to post this comment tonight but was unable to do so. I'll post it here for you, Judi, and will answer as well. How's that for talking to myself?

    Judi said: "Of COURSE the world is here to entertain and educate us! It's so nice of you to remind me of this; sometimes I forget. Naw, we're not delusional, friend. We're spot on and all tickety boo! Grab the gusto, I say, and to heck with those saying nay. Life is too short to take it ALL seriously, right? I mean, how much of it can we take with us when we go to wherever we're going? Might as well not spend a lot of effort on what won't remain, eh? Live life and enjoy!"

  2. Thanks, Judi, you're right, of course, and this is phase two of what I want to bring up in the next discussion with my psych -- the world is my sandbox -- er -- oyster. Nothing like food metaphors, eh?

  3. Umm, I personally don't eat oysters -- or sand either. But it will be interesting to see what the good doctor has to say about this. You have such a positive attitude it's infectious! For someone with your varied and negative past experiences, this is commendable indeed. So I commend you, Kenna, and hope you play hardy and rest deeply and work joyfully and love fiercely in your sandbox.

  4. YAAY! My comment was posted without problem!

  5. Thanks, Judi. This sandbox is fun.

  6. Nothing negative was said by anyone, professional or friend, about my sandbox philosophy.It's probably time to come in out of the rain, though.