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Thursday, May 16, 2013


Comment of the day by Eileen Schuh:
Photo of Eileen

FROM Memories of Mother

Missing our loved ones

I'm missing my Mom today, too. It's the first Mothers' Day without her and we also lost Mom Schuh last summer. However, my daughters are now both moms and so life goes....

Life goes on

Alice in the sink
Judi said... Happy Mother's Day to moms past, present and future. Yours is the noblest of professions and perhaps the hardest. I thank you, Mom, for your kindness, love, protection, humor and genes. At least MOST of your genes -- I could have lived without the gift of that funny lip hair that grows so long it curls into my mouth. I've grown to accept your imperfection, having my own. I've grown to cherish your memory. I've grown to see the hardships and triumphs of your life are what made you uniquely you, and in a funny way, made me me. Thanks for everything. Thanks for ME.

Motherhood in Russia

Since 2008, the Order of Parental Glory has been awarded to couples or single parents who have raised or are raising 7 or more children in the Russian Federation. It's to be worn on the left breast and bears the Coat of Arms of the Russian federation.

The order of Parental Glory, man/woman
 It traces its origins to the Soviet honorary title of the "Mother Heroine" who bore and raised 10 or more children in the former Soviet Union. These honors are accompanied by financial incentives to ensure the good health and security of large families.

Mother Heroine medal of the former Soviet Union

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  1. Awww, it's fun to see my comment in your blog, Kenna!

  2. Thanks for appreciating and sharing my poem about my mom and the Rockies

    1. Moms are so special. Do take time to return to my blog, Eileen and Judi, and let me know what you'd like to see here. More about our memories of growing up? You have it if that's what you want.

  3. Thanks for appreciating and sharing my poem about my mom and the Rockies