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Sunday, May 19, 2013

India News and Pictures

India figures large in my sci-fi fantasy novel, SpaceHive, appropriate for boys and girls 10 - 14 years old and available on Amazon worldwide.

Himachal Pradesh in India

Map of India
Himachal Pradesh stars in my middle grade novel, SpaceHive, which is an area in India where the space ship touches down after destroying most of North America.

Hear what the Wasps have to say about relocating to beautiful northern India:

Crops just coming up in India at sunrise

SpaceHive lands in India

Its shadow covered all of western Canada and the northwestern USA. Superconductors whined and screeched. They locked on latitude and longitude. The ship rocketed far into space, whirled and shattered the sound barrier landing minutes later in a distant mountain area of India called Himachal Pradesh.
The people had fled to the caves in the hills
The population of Himachal Pradesh had fled to the caves with the first wave of alien ships. No one lived on the plains or towns.
Ocean and beach in India
"Our Black Watch is pleased with India," Zibb said. "We worker bees, nurses and drones were told we could leave the ship right away to explore and eat fresh food, collect nectar for honey, stretch our legs in a forest that's like our old Jive Hive."
"The area is ideal." Queen Taranta preened. "We chose well. There are snowy mountains in the north to hide the ship, rivers and trees, tropics in the south and types of animals which have not yet been driven away as the area is so remote. There's plenty of fresh water now."
Snow-capped Himalayan mountains

The great ship sucked up water, running cold and sweet from the Himalaya Mountains. Robot scrubs were set around the outside of the ship to mop up radiation. The wasps opened the doors and ports to let in fresh air.
"We can hang meat and have ripe fruit," the queen said, her antennae twitching at the thought of good food. "We can make more honey and royal jelly."
Zibb and her cousins jumped up and down, flapping their arms. "We'll feed the queen sweet nectar and find her a nice palace with honey stored in wax honeycombs."
"I'm pleased," General Vard remarked. "You've done well to choose this India place, human."

Bollywood News

Reprinted from The India Times

Could Bollywood make a movie from SpaceHive? Maybe something like RIPD from India Times..."meet your new got to earn that...I'm the biggest  lawman that ever lived and died."

Aadab Ali from SpaceHive
"My name is Aadab Ali. May Allah be praised. I'm young Indian, take engineering courses, want to go to engineering college, but aliens come."

2. Aadab talks about Iodine:


Aadab's girlfriend Iodine
"I'm freedom fighter now, fierce yet gentle and a good man. My girlfriend Iodine loves such a man. I'm twenty years old and she is sixteen, perfect ages. How happy I am to find a girl like Iodine. Allah be praised, but I must send her away now, to the farther hills where she will be safe like my parents and sisters."

Would it be a spoiler to say all ends happily? The fruit thinks so... 

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  1. I really love Spacehive, and enjoyed the many references to India via Adaab Ali. I also enjoy Bollywood. Thanks for the further info about wonderful India, Kenna!

  2. Thanks, Judi, I wonder how many young fellows and women from India will perhaps see this post and be tempted to read SpaceHive? I appreciate your vote of confidence.