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Tuesday, May 28, 2013

Writers' Conference Wrap-up

Words in 3 Dimensions Weekend

Saturday, May 25, 2013

The conference started at Grant MacEwan University's downtown campus, Robbins Centre on 109 Street and 104 Avenue, with breakfast and a keynote speaker, then went on to sessions throughout the day. What a wonderful weekend! 

Rain poured and wind howled, the morning was cold, and I took a cab there and back on Friday and on Saturday morning, seven dollars each way, as I live close to GMU. Saturday evening and Sunday were warmer so I walked and took a bus.
Old boogie van by the seashore

I got over my shyness and approached publishers, agents, editors, and other authors, but not boldly. I think I had an enthusiasm and openness that was engaging because I got good responses. 

I was able to pitch my family's storybook to an interesting senior editor at Athabasca University Press (AU Press), which was a surprise to me, as I'd never thought of doing so. When I noticed she was interested in memoirs and diaries I approached her and she expressed interest. 

When I got home Saturday night I sent follow-up emails to an agent and two or three publishers.

Author busy at work

I saw my old friend and mentor Rick Lauber there, too, pitching his book Caregivers' Guide for Canadians, and looking spiffy in a striped shirt and sandwich, lol. 

I met up with a couple of friends from the Canadian Authors Association and met my publisher, Cheryl Tardif, for the first time in person. She was presenting on a panel and looks very much like her glamor portrait. I recognized her right away from her picture.

 Aydan Dunnigan was there with a friend, and Jana from the CAA came over and said hello. 

I floated about the Marketplace on the second floor, had fun, bought some books from On Spec, a Sci-fi/fantasy magazine, and chatted with several vendors. 

I sold one copy of the Insanity Machine at the WGA table.


What a great weekend! I didn't win the silent auction bid for CKUA promo materials including a hat and t-shirt and other great stuff, but it's all for a good cause and I think I upped the ante a bit with my bid of $20 up from the previous $14. 

I was late for the Sunday sessions but slithered late into Nancy Flight's panel discussion and was able to present her with a copy of The Insanity Machine, already self-published, but she indicated to me on Saturday that Greystone Books might be interested. 
The Insanity Machine book cover

I had lunch with three interesting authors and an editor, gave them bookmarks and business cards at their request, and discussed the Insanity Machine with an author who is also a counselor and did her Master's thesis on schizophrenia. It's a small world. 

After lunch I listened to a storyteller, Corin Raymond, who also performs at The Fringe in the summertime here. 

I decided not to go to the grant workshop at 2:00 o'clock. It might have been interesting but I'd had enough for the day, walked a few blocks to the buses on Jasper Avenue, and took a bus home.

This conference was probably the most worthwhile event of my literary life, wonderfully organized by The Writers' Guild of Alberta, the Editors' Association of Canada, and Get Publishing Communications Society.

The coffee, snacks, and meals were good, too.

Thank you, 3 Dimensions

The conference got me out of my shell. 

Thanks, Words in 3 Dimensions, for a memorable weekend. 

Looking forward to the next author's conference, wherever that may be, and if it's in Edmonton, I'll be there with bells on my toes.

The next event

I'm looking forward to the next gala affair, the Canadian Authors' Association AGM on Friday, May 31 coming up, business casual dress, they said, and I'll try to dress accordingly. 

An interview on Rogers with a CAA author
"It's a dream come true"


  1. What a profitable weekend! It sounds like you made a lot of good contacts, sold a book, found a potential publisher for one book AND one to publish BIGFOOT BOY, and enjoyed yourself besides! Good work, Kenna!

  2. Thank you, Judi, your comments are sweet and supportive, as always. Wish me luck on the books, nothing's in stone yet but life is getting better for this author.