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Saturday, May 25, 2013

Words in 3 Dimensions This Weekend

My First Writers' Conference Started Friday

My very first writers' conference! Apparently there are editors and publishers there, too, but I didn't meet many people on Friday night, most seemed to know someone else, but I sat with a couple of friendly authors at an interview by the wonderful Shelagh Rogers with iconic Cape Breton author Alistair MacLeod. Someone behind me kindly offered to get me a coffee.

A lovely reception

The reception was very nice, lots of good tapas and there was free punch and water, and a cash bar.

A lovely reception with wine and cheese and lots of good tapas

I don't drink but paid for a cola and later poured for myself a glass of water which leaked! The punch was free but someone had left a ladle submerged. I'll be bolder today and tomorrow, get a proper glass for my water (my bad, I chose a plastic glass), and will go back for punch even if someone leaves the ladle in it again!


One of my problems is I'm a little shy about approaching groups or people who look like they know more than I do.
A shy author

My publisher will be there

Cheryl Tardif
I'm looking forward to the conference later today with my publisher, Cheryl Tardif,
speaking at ten, and perhaps a one-on-one with an agent or publisher later in the day.




Possible sale of my books

They took ten of my books for possible sale and I'll pick them up again this afternoon.

Rainy day people

I took a cab there and back as it's raining so hard and is cold, I'm not sure of the bus service, I'd have to walk four or five blocks and then I'm not sure when the bus comes in that particular area. If it were a sunny day and warm I'd be willing to walk. It's about 15 blocks from my apartment.

Gala tonight

I'll have more to report later today after the second day is done. There's a gala tonight but I'm not registered for that.
Gala Saturday night

Didn't recognize any agents, editors, or publishers

So far I haven't rubbed shoulders with any agents, editors or publishers, but I suspect many seasoned authors know them and are part of the groups I saw that I was shy to join, as I don't know them and they seemed to be very intent on chatting amongst themselves.

I'm hoping I can pitch one of my books later today or Sunday.

Kenna pitching a book

Continental breakfast today and tomorrow

Croissants and coffee
There's also a continental breakfast with coffee.

Three organizers did an excellent job of it

I think this is a very worthwhile conference and I salute the three organizers, the WGA (Writers' Guild of Alberta), Editors' Association of Canada, and Get Publishing Communications Society, for a very efficiently run and generous conference.

Must be bolder

I ran off the first couple of pages of my unpublished novels in case someone wants to look at them.

I think I'll be more bold in approaching the mentors gathered there this weekend.

Some phony laughter - nervous authors perhaps?

One note, there's a lot of phony laughter going around. Authors are notoriously shy and somewhat introverted, perhaps this is nervous laughter and nervous chatting up of anyone who seems to be a mentor...

More later.

One last video featuring a book called "No Great Mischief" by Alistair MacLeod.


  1. Nice blog post, Kenna! Kudos to Shelagh Rogers for making her experience public in order to encourage others to find help. I truly admire people who are willing to bare themselves in hopes of turning their angst into another --even just one! -- person's well being. You too, Kenna, are to be commended for this. Your recent book, "The Insanity Machine" should be required reading for those suffering (and coping) with mental illness, in my opinion; not to mention mental health professionals and people who want to know how to better deal with family or friends with these illnesses.

    Looking forward to more about the conference. Good job!

  2. Thanks, Judi, I'm too tired today to post but will post something for sure on Sunday night or Monday. I'm having such a good time at the conference, and it's also very productive in terms of contacts made. Saw a couple friends there, too, and was able to pitch a book to a senior editor today that I hadn't thought of publishing, a book of memoirs, she seemed rather interested and was a very interesting woman herself from Athabasca University Publishing. Maybe even have a chance there with my book of poetry, although it's already self-published. Wish me luck, but actually, it's been a blast and still a day left! I also met my publisher, Cheryl Tardif, an amazing person with so much energy and skill.

  3. Good job Kenna! How are you this morning?