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Thursday, May 23, 2013

Russia, India and China

I notice that I have quite a large Russian audience, nothing this week from India or China, and I think I'll focus simply on writing a good blog.

If India or China, who figure largely in my debut novel, SpaceHive, want to read a good middle grade book, perhaps suitable for those adults learning English, then be sure and buy SpaceHive on Amazon worldwide for $2.99. 

It's a really good deal, and if you want the print version that's available, too.

Here are a few excerpts from SpaceHive:

"What should we do, sir?" the minister of staff asked the prime minister of Canada.
"Call the president," the prime minister said. "Call the United Federation of Nations and our European allies. Call Russia, China and India. We must agree to work together. We've never faced a danger like this before."
And the earth's leaders gathered to devise a strategy.

Zibb flew with Queen Taranta and the nurses over the Himalayas.
"The queen is in China." Zibb's barbed hands grasped the red translator.
"Zibb, you're with the queen?"
"I can't talk anymore, little pet."
"We're losing power, Zibb. Stay there. I'll be in touch."
Back in India, General Vard stood his ground and snarled.
"Show them mercy," Zibb said.
"Mercy? They'll take it as a sign of weakness. We must kill them all."


He wiped his face with a dirty hand. "I believe the wasps are still alive, still in what's left of the mother ship or in pods that fell over India. The smaller alien ships that remain are now getting ready for a second wave of attacks."
"The Black Watch? The black general? Where are they?"
"They went down with their mother ship, now scattered in smoking pieces on the sides of the mountain. We don't know for sure if the alien general was killed when his ship went down. If he's alive, then in his rage he could still be an awesome force against us."
"Do you know the whereabouts of their queen?" Zeller asked.
"Yes. She's in China, and my friend is with her."

  Have fun, my friends!



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