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Saturday, May 11, 2013

How to Lose Weight?

A chubby child

The case of how I can lose weight and keep it off continues.

Daddy's Little Fatty

I was a chubby child, not as fat as I was teased about being (my father used to sing Daddy's Little Fatty to me), but photos show a sturdy little girl in a patched sweater with long hair my mother had obviously lovingly curled.

Too Fat for Plaid

I lost weight as a teen, however, I remember shopping once with my father and he laughed at me when I picked out plaid, saying it would make me look "like a barn door." Cruel. I didn't buy the plaid skirt.

Almost Anorexic

In my twenties and thirties I was very thin. When my daughter was born I weighed 115 pounds on my 5 feet 8 inch frame.

Medications and Weight Gain

Then the mental illness and the meds which increased my appetite and put weight around my middle, the worst place.

Then came the fifties and sixties years old, a slowing of metabolism, depression, and weight gain in the 1990s.

Happy Ending

Fortunately, I've taken most of it off and have maintained with exercise and watching my diet. But I remain vigilant, and have another 20 pounds to lose now that the long dark winter's over, my son is laid to rest, and I have a new year(s) ahead of me.

I bought George Diamond's eBook, Don't Diet: Think and Get Thin, I joined Anne Collins before she closed her site, I joined My Fitness Pal, all helped temporarily and led to some lasting friendships. George says "change your thinking" and yes, that's the clue.

I read a lot of motivational, fitness, and health books and magazines.

The price of freedom is constant vigilance.

A Website for Vegans

I thought this website was awesome, a vegan who writes mysteries and posts her recipes like detective novels. Her name is Cynthia St-Pierre and she can be found here with her wonderful mystery novels and her almost
equally wonderful recipes:

Vegetarian Detective: The Case of Smoky Bean Soup


  1. Lovely to hear your kind words about Vegetarian Detective, Kenna. As I continue to note in my comments there, I also very much appreciate the banana pancake recipe you passed along.

    Reading your post above reminds me how much you've been through in your life. Am I also picking up that you're very hard on yourself? I remember this advice from some expert. Treat yourself as well as you treat others. You are so kind to others!

    As an example of me trying to take that very same advice to heart, I've recently stopped counting daily food portions, cups of water, and steps. I think I set up too strict a regimen and was feeling inadequate when I didn't meet it on a regular basis. I was taking away my own joy. I'm still vigilant, as you say, but so far I haven't suffered from the decision to ease up a bit. In fact, quite the opposite is true.

    Hugs, and thanks again my friend and fellow author.

  2. Thank you, Cynthia, I've quit counting steps and calories and glasses of water, too, and am none the worse for it, even better, as you say. I'll post the banana pancake recipe right now, it's so simple, and I'm delighted you can use it.

    Mash up one banana and whip in two eggs, mix it all together and put in a pan with a bit of coconut oil or olive oil. Fry like a pancake, it'll be nice and brown on both sides and will puff up. Mmm nice and sweet, doesn't even need maple syrup unless you want to gild the lily.

    I got this recipe from a site on-line called Detox Diet Book, can be found on Amazon by Elaine Ross @

  3. Many insults are thrown at overweight children, sadly. Probably the only positive result of the fattening of America is that those insults have decreased. I liked this post, Kenna. You're so transparent, sharing your life. I want to tell you that YOU LOOK MAHVELOUS! Kudos to you for getting and keeping your weight under control!

  4. Thank you, Judi. If you like my posts you might like to be subscribed to my newsletter. When I get it off the ground, there will be a special surprise eBook to go with your subscription to my site, and you may unsubscribe at any time. I'll need a few members to sign up.