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Tuesday, August 6, 2013

Boycott of Vodka Wrong?

I just read an on-line article in Russian Life about the largely gay boycott of Stolichnaya Vodka in America. Apparently the vodka is made in Latvia and majority owned by a company in Yugoslavia. The article correctly points out that any harm done to a Russian company will largely reflect on the ordinary Russian citizen and not the government.

It's an interesting article with humor and style. The article is written by Paul E. Richardson. Doesn't sound Russian.

I recommend reading it. Propaganda abounds in all countries,
but this seems well thought out, and also suggests a variety of Russian companies and/or activities, including the Olympics, that could be better boycotted rather than Stolichnaya Vodka. But probably without effect.

Incidentally, I don't agree with Russia's treatment of their gay community or of charging foreign gay activists such as the Dutch filmmakers who were arrested because they interviewed a minor.

US President Obama is vociferous about Africa's gay human rights policies.

Has the Snowden case influenced his handling of Russian policy with velvet gloves?


  1. It's funny. Stolichnaya vodka happens to be my favorite brand of vodka. It is really excellent.
    Of course, the article touches a valuable point. I read that after teh Shell disaster U.S. citizens began boycotting Shell gas stations thereby hurting local businesses, because the gas stations are local, they only get their gas from Shell.

  2. Thank you, Gisela, you're right, of course, boycotts generally hurt only the local businesses and the person on the street. Activists don't stop to think about that, generally. Sometimes governments will boycott whole countries, i.e. Cuba since the Bay of Pigs way back when, and that's another whole kettle of sharks. A few years ago, animal rights activists upset containers of lobsters and fish in a local seafood warehouse here in Edmonton, and in the process killed a number of lobsters. Hmmmmm...I don't think I'll chain myself to a tree just yet. Enjoy your Stolichnaya vodka, hon.