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Saturday, August 17, 2013

Russia may be right

PS Further to my Putin Rainbow themes, I've been rereading the Russian position (no pun intended).

The law is passed for the protection of MINORS.

I agree with that.

We have no business in the politics of other countries, either. And boycotting the Olympics would harm only the athletes from all countries and the broadcasters and sponsors. People from all over the world work at the Olympics to make it as seamless and beautiful an event as possible.

Wake up and fly right.

What is your opinion, gentle reader?


  1. I agree that boycotting the Olympics because of the political asylum of Edward Snowden is wrong. We aren't at war with the Soviet Union. Now this is from a U.S. citizen. I am not sure of Canada's feelings on this, I assume they don't plan on boycotting.

    It doesn't mean I agree with what Edward Snowden did! I just think that it's wrong to boycott for this reason.

    1. Thanks for your comment, Bob. I don't know Canada's official feelings on the Snowden case, either. I was referring to Russia's anti-gay law, which appears to try to protect minors until they're old enough to make up their own minds, and I think that is not a bad idea. Too many schools here are forced to teach philosophies that are against the beliefs of parents, and as a result, home schooling and private Christian schools are becoming more and more popular. Our public school system is failing in its responsibility to citizens, I believe, in an effort to become all inclusive and too liberal, too politically correct, and missing the point when a vocal minority is able to push aside dissenting and perhaps less radical views.

  2. I think it's a bad idea to boycott on this. I don't agree with Russia on this. As long as there is love in a family I don't think their sexual preference matters. AS far as home-schooling, I have mixed feelings. I know it is a parent's right, but I find indoctrination by the family. The children tend to suffer. If this is done, I think extracurricular activities should be allowed for their children.

    I saw this in action at a couple of schools I have taught at. Home schooled children would attend 1 or maybe 2 classes that were elective classes. I don't know how this was coordinated, but it seemed to work smoothly.

    Hey, haven't heard from Judi the last few days, hopefully things are going well for her!

    1. Yes, I have mixed feelings on home schooling, too. Here the children are supplied gym and other activities with other home schooled children in an outside environment to supplement their home schooling, and extracurricular activities are encouraged. It does depend on the parent, and some children do better than others with it, but socialization, I think, could be a problem.

      I do know of at least one home schooled child who was of normal intelligence but could not write his name when he was twelve.

      Private Christian schools also tend to be insular and exclusive, some to the point of being elitist and judgmental, but again, a lot depends on the home environment and the attitude of the parent.

      I don't agree with gay propaganda to minors or exposure to gay philosophy to minors. I believe the nuclear family should be respected and encouraged and children are not old enough for critical thinking on a subject that is so emotionally charged for some people, and having to do with sexuality and gender identity.

      Having said that, I believe in gay rights and equal rights, human rights it's called here in Canada, and I support that, but not to the extent that a minority can have its own way, as some fundamentalists would insist on in schools and politics, and I suppose gay pride is simply a reaction to that.

      It's a sticky wicket as the English would say. I don't support boycotting the Olympics for any reason.

      I consider myself a "friend of Dorothy" but certainly stand as an independent thinker in all things.

      Judi's been having some problems with arm pain. She's busy with doctor and Physio appointments, but seems well otherwise.