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Thursday, March 28, 2013

Yandex in Russia

I was curious why I had so many visitors - initially - from Russia but wasn't able to come up with an answer.

I did find out about a site called Yandex which is suspicious of new websites and which is more popular in Russia than Google.

The site about Yandex is written in Russian so unless I translated it, I'd be unable to figure it out, or what I might have said to attract so many visitors from Russia.

They seem to have fallen off, in any case, and I don't want to attract attention to myself by googling the reasons I may have attracted attention from Russian audiences in the first place.

If you're interested in some Russian news on a couple of later blogs, see here and

I never paid much attention to keywords or SEO other than trying to fit the post to its description. So I certainly didn't attract an audience from Russia on purpose.

I'm very grateful to all my readers and followers, so want to thank those who follow me, but a comment would be great from one of my followers in another country, so I know what I'm saying that you like - or hate.

I suspect many bloggers try to stuff their posts with SEO now that Google and Amazon have made it easier by posting cool keywords. I notice one of those sites is no longer on-line, Amazon's keyword posts.

I've never been very cognizant of SEO or using keywords, but lately have begun to think my blog might be more popular if I paid attention to what people are really interested in.

Yandex in Russia wouldn't really want me to focus on diet, sex and money, as was suggested on one blogger's site I visited, but I wonder what do Russian audiences look for and why was my site more attractive to you at first? What did I say?

I'm a cool Canadian senior woman, don't know much about the rest of the world and am just learning to network. Most of my traffic comes from the USA, and Canada is only slightly ahead of Russia and other European countries. I can understand the USA is the biggest user of the internet, perhaps, and the language is in common.

I love it when people comment and will try to answer all. Perhaps someone can explain to me what brought you to my site?

I've been trying something different recently, just being myself and writing about what interests me. Maybe that isn't of interest to my Russian and other international audiences. I don't want to spam my readers with content about my books and writing. But would you like to know about bees and wasps and Sasquatch aliens lost on Earth? Note that SpaceHive is set to a large extent in India, yet I don't see that I have a large Indian audience.

Kenna searching the globe for an audience

I'm going to experiment with international audiences including what I think my Russian, south American, Asian, European and African audiences might be interested in.

Just because I'm weird that way and I have a B.A. undergraduate degree in Anthropology, the study of various cultures. I was led askew to Classics at one time, but return now to my first love, humanity in all its variations.


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