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Thursday, March 7, 2013

Django and The Hobbit (in 3D) at The Oscars


A black guy with an attitude, and no, it's not Blazing Saddles. It's Django.

I really enjoyed this movie and more so because the underdog won (surprise! I hope I'm not giving away the ending), also because of Leonardo Di Capprio's stellar performance as the evil yet suave plantation owner.

Django's performance with his two fisted blazin' guns reminded me of my comment to my uncle when I was 5 years old and had watched my first Lone Ranger movie. I said, "There were about a hundred Indians all shooting at the Lone Ranger and none of them hit him!" My uncle thought that was very funny.

Watch Django for a good time but be warned, there is violence, mature content and X-rated language in this movie. It is also a "controversial slavery film."

It's a great commentary on how far we've come in North America with the treatment of other races. Not far enough, perhaps, but if you watch this for historical content you might be surprised at the accuracy of what lies behind the tongue-in-cheek portrayal of an African-American gunslinger.

I thought The Hobbit or Django should have won best picture. But I didn't see Argo. So what do I know? I liked both The Hobbit and Django.

I'm waiting for parts 2 and 3 of The Hobbit to come out. It's especially good in 3D.

A lot of movies are coming out in 3D. How times have changed since the old blue and red plastic glasses in the theaters of the 1960s.

Which do you think should have won Best Picture? Do you agree with the 2013 Oscars?


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