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Monday, March 11, 2013

My mystery novel, RED HERRINGS, and the concerns of an author

My little mystery novel is taking shape. Oh, someone guessed the farmer in the red truck did it. What was his motive and did he have an alibi? Was he from the Haida Nation by the lighthouse? Only Annie Hansen knows for sure, and that not until the end of RED HERRINGS.

The float house on Serendipity Island may require major repairs before Annie is safe there. Her neighbor on the mysterious boat next door knows more than he is telling. What about the blunt instrument that felled Dr. Hubert like a polled ox before his brains were removed in a wet heap by his skull opened with a surgical drill? Who would have the strength and expertise to do such a heinous deed?

The little nurse with the karate brown belt is a suspect. So is Annie herself, or her Sudanese boyfriend Samir.

Oh, doom and gloom, Annie is taken off the case and thrown aside to sink or swim alone. No, not totally alone. There is the handsome detective with the piercing blue eyes…

I may post an excerpt from the first draft of this chilling yet humorous tale of possible revenge, possible love unrequited, possible madness and its presentation as voices that belittle and scorn, and visions that inspire.

Wait for RED HERRINGS, the book and the story of one new adult's flight into sanity and a crime that shocks an entire nation.


  1. A novel written for new adults. The protagonist is a 24-year-old female Private Eye who is schizophrenic and OCD. Much of it written tongue in cheek but also RED HERRINGS abound in this tight and visual tale of murder and intrigue.

  2. You got THAT right, Kenna! This book promises to be one of my favorites so far. Lucky me, who gets to preview your newest work. DANG FINE WRITING!

  3. Thanks, Judi, I hope you can receive all new posts. It's great when someone signs up to receive emails from my blog. It's great that you are one of my good friends and one of the very few who previews my new books. Thanks again.