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Saturday, March 23, 2013

Fundamentalist Churches Need Dieting for Dummies

large delicious cinnamon roll tempting a Christian
I posted a comment recently about fundamentalist Christians loving their potlucks and sashaying up to the trough. I wonder if they're fatter than the average North American?

I have a long history with fundamentalist churches and most of them are well meaning and considerate of others in their fold, if not in the entire world (look at the Baptist church which pickets funerals of American soldiers).

My observation lies with dieting and their potential for feeding themselves like little greedy cliques.

I think feeding the homeless and poor is a worthy venture. I do that myself, if I can, buy lunches or coffee for the homeless. There but for the grace of God go I.

I do have a problem with overweight adult WASPs who sidle up to the communal dinner table rather than get out there and work with their hands and move their feet for God's world and the people beyond their little cults.

Now that Easter is on the equinox horizon, it's time to revisit Jesus and his actions and what he said or was purported to say, not the misguided words of his followers.

Have lunch with a homeless person or sit down and don't evangelize, really get to know your neighbor there on the main drag, realize they're not so different from you.

Don't just serve food to fill your belly and then feel good about yourself because you've worked at a soup kitchen. That's "them and us" thinking, and Jesus, if you recall, actually sat down with the sinners.

We're all sinners, remember that, and let's not forget gluttony is a sin, and there are no sins that are lesser or greater than others. Baptist church.

Dieting for dummies. I haven't seen that particular book out yet but I think I might write one if I ever find an audience.

Churches seem to be full of cookies, cakes, squares and good intentions.

Read this, too, if you'd like a new outlook on the Bible


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