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Tuesday, May 24, 2016

My son's cat Fuzzy Kitty - a Memoir of a black cat who found its way home

I looked after my son's black, long-haired, affectionate and personable cat on many occasions. Nicknamed Fuzzy Kitty, we never were sure of his real name. He loved a certain brand of cat food, I discovered, and would provide it to him on every occasion.

Fuzzy Kitty wandered away one summer day when my son brought him to a park and fell asleep. He was sorely missed and didn't turn up for many months, long after he'd been given up for lost or worse. My son received a call from the Humane Society. He'd been tracked by a chip on Fuzzy Kitty's ear, and paid I think $100 to get him back. Fuzzy Kitty was thin and his fur was matted, obviously he'd spent many months on the street, and some kind soul had rescued him and brought him into the Humane Society. The cat was overjoyed to see my son and my son equally to see him, I'm sure. It was like a small miracle to get him back.

Please, pet owners, put a chip on your valued companion! It brought Fuzzy Kitty home.

Fuzzy Kitty in my suitcase

Fuzzy Kitty with his mouse

Surveying his kingdom at my place

Peek a boo

Fuzzy Kitty in an upturned basin. He loved enclosed spaces.


  1. Fuzzy Kitty was beautiful. He reminds me of a little cat I had named Schatze. She wasn't quite black, but a deep dark chocolate brown. She was small, and silky, and very sweet.

    How lovely that you got to share Fuzzy Kitty with your son.

    1. Thank you, Sue, after my son passed away Fuzzy Kitty was adopted. He was a well loved cat. Schatze probably was smaller than Fuzzy Kitty, who was quite a large cat. We thought he might be a Norwegian Forest, similar to Judi's cat Jack.

  2. Wow! Fuzzy Kitty looks a lot like Jack. I hadn't realized how similar they are. And "Schatze" is such a good name for a cat, Sue. We do love our kitties, eh?