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Monday, May 16, 2016

How I spent my Sunday

Dear peeps, happy Monday to you, and may I be alliterative and call it Happy Monday Madness.

Monday is one of my favorite days, but so is Friday. Friday is the rest and fun time of the week, and Monday is a new beginning, every week. I don't know what is ahead for the week but it's probably a new adventure, a new surprise with every day, and the chance for the mail to bring something interesting.

How did I spend my Sunday?

I brought my djembe African drum to a drum circle outside in the Legislature grounds on Sunday afternoon. It was so much fun and I learned something about drumming, too, as I'm just a beginner. A friend came with me and tried to strike up a conversation with a group I wouldn't have chosen to talk to, they were unresponsive and probably smoking up. She even offered to lend them my drum to beat their (broken) sticks on, and I quickly moved her away from them, afraid for the safety of my drum if not her. She is responsible for herself, but my drum is my responsibility.

Kids in a park, like Sunday, without the flowers

Not a djembe, this is a bongo drum, the drumming circle accepts all drums

There were a whole lot of people there, playing games, eating picnic lunches, walking their dogs, families with children, and some came over and took pictures of the drummers. There's a drumming circle every Sunday there at four o'clock for the summer, and I'll certainly go back. The LRI stops at Grandin Station, which is right there, and my friend gave me a ride today, then we went to Earl's for a nice salad.

Overall, a good weekend,and now I'll continue with social media and more importantly, my "real" life.

How about you? What did you do for the weekend, and have you ever tried drumming?

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