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Saturday, July 27, 2013

10 reasons I love my family

This is a photo of a waterfall down a logging road near Prince George, BC. My brother B sent it to me just now. He and his handsome son went on a quadding trip along the sandy road. British Columbia is a beautiful province.

Truck on sandy quad trip in NE British Columbia

Waterfall near McGregor Mountain, ne B.C.

This is my most favorite truck in the world, in a lovely setting I will visit some day. My trip to Michigan left me with a yearn to see more of the world, natural and otherwise (unnatural, hahaha).

Now for the 10 reasons I love my family.

My family consists of three wonderful children (my middle son now in the light of the Lord), three grandsons whom I seldom see (two I have never met), a beautiful and caring sister, and two handsome and interesting brothers.

I'm so lucky.

My extended family consists of many more, of course, nieces and nephews, an aunt in Revelstoke, great cousins, and great nieces and nephews. Also I count good friends as part of my extended family. Hello, E and J especially.

Hugs to everyone.

Now, the 10 reasons, and there are many more:

  1. They live interesting lives;
  2. They are independent and upbeat individuals;
  3. They are supportive and loving;
  4. They understand me;
  5. They are young at heart;
  6. They are great role models for their families;
  7. They are physically and mentally active;
  8. I think they are very attractive men and women;
  9. They make my heart sing;
  10. I can be in touch any time and it's like we never parted. 
Now a video for my family. I love you all, and we are not a perfect family. We are a bunch of b*st***s as a matter of true fact...somehow our parents did a good job and we did the best we could. We were thrown out early to sink or swim and by gum, we learned to swim!!!


1 comment:

  1. Families (even the difficult, dysfunctional ones) are precious. Recently, my nephew posted this on Facebook:

    "For billions of years since the outset of time
    Every single one of your ancestors survived
    Every single person on your mom and dad's side
    Successfully looked after and passed onto you life

    What are the chances of that like?"