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Monday, July 8, 2013

FREE Images and Reasonably Priced Stock Royalty Free Photos

Do you download copyright images?

  • Do you think it's okay to download images from Google or Youtube without permission? 
  • Do you realize most of those images are copyright? 
  • Do you think they're royalty free?

You could be in big trouble

  • You could be sued for using someone else's images or videos
    Sheriff with big gun and badge on his portly chest

    I pay for Fotolia credits, quality royalty free stock photos

    Also iStock Photos, best quality royalty free photos

    FREE IMAGES? Try You have to give an attribution to these photos, acknowledge the creator as well as the site.

    Or Morgue File, which will take you to a paid site if you're not careful. But no attribution required.

    • You can search on all these sites for the exact photo you want. Often you can find them on the FREE sites. 
    • If you want better quality or can't find what you want, then Fotolia or iStock is your best bet. 
    • Fotolia credits are relatively inexpensive but you get what you pay for, and iStock is excellent though more expensive, and they have vector images and videos.

    You can rest in the knowledge that you're an ethical and social minded person who does not rip off his/her associates or acquaintances on-line.

    • I like to download my digital images to Dropbox. Fast and easy, and Dropbox is free to set up with a maximum storage capacity, or starts at about $9.99 per month for the professional version. Which I have, because I use it to back up all my computer, audio, video, and Word files.
    •  Dropbox files can also be shared. It's a valuable resource.

    Here's a cute photo from Fotolia, 1 credit (about $1) and I can use it indefinitely with almost no restrictions. It's ethical and royalty free, and I don't fret about being sued.

    Baby in buttercups, yellow and green

    What do you do when you need a neat photo or a graphic or image, or want to download a video?


    Do you find this information helpful?


    Do you ever worry about copyright and being sued?


    All comments will be answered.


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