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Sunday, September 29, 2013

Four Reasons I Love Sundays

Yummy cinnamon bun

1. Sunday Brunch

Lots of places to go for brunch on weekends in Edmonton, just Google them or try the major restaurants, they have excellent selections. Or try the SugarBowl, near the University of Alberta campus. The SugarBowl opened its doors in the 1940s with the "best cinnamon buns in the world," as well as excellent burgers and fries. I quote from their webpage:

Over the last 5 years SugarBowl has evolved further into one of Edmonton's premier modern comfort restaurants, offering a full menu, a variety of Belgian and import beers as well as an extensive wine list. Our service includes breakfast, lunch, dinner, and weekend brunch and, although our menu has grown to include items like Pepper Braised Lamb and Autumn Harvest Burger, we still offer the best cinnamon buns in the world.

2. Yoga in the morning at Lion's Breath Yoga

Woman practicing yoga on seaside by ocean

For seventeen dollars drop-in, Lion's Breath Yoga on trendy 124 Street and 105 Avenue offers hatha yoga on Sunday mornings at 9:15 am. They used to offer this great workout for the price of a Food Bank donation but finances dictated they must charge for this relaxing yet invigorating way to start the day and end the week on a high note. More yoga classes and kettlebell also offered later in the day.

3. A church of my choice

Until recently I attended an evangelical church on Edmonton's south side but became disillusioned with the small congregation and its problems. I attended RCIA at St. Joseph's Basilica for six months but again this wasn't right for me, and I questioned some of the beliefs and behaviors held dear by the Catholic church and the people who attended RCIA with me.
Figure on a cross with Roman soldiers

I now am a free spirit and sort of like it that way. I am a Christian who believes in universal salvation and the spirit of the law not the letter of the law. Like Jesus.

This church has evolved through eight years since my experience with the original evangelical church from which it has slowly emerged. My understanding is that presently they meet in a house which they have purchased and sometimes they have services in Rundle Park. They have two ministers who have excellent stories to tell, and the congregation seems sincere and open. 

4. A Run Sunday Mornings with the Running Room

The Running Room offers a FREE group running class every Sunday morning from their 109 Street location. As I've registered for a running clinic in late October, I'll be running on Wednesday evenings and Sunday mornings with the 109 Street Running Room group if all goes according to plan. You know what Robbie Burns said about the best laid plans of mice and men, though...I hope to become a runner with this group. Wish me luck.
Man running by seashore

I've met John Stanton, founder of the Running Room, and he signed my copies of his books, Walking and Running. Meeting him was a thrill of a lifetime and I hope to run in the same group some day.

My running shoes

Those are only four of the reasons I love Sundays. It's the end of an old week and for me, the beginning of a new week, with all its surprises and adventures. Often a time for visiting friends and family, Sunday is a favorite with many of the "old skool" like myself.

Traditionally, it's a day of rest. Now one may shop or attend a movie matinee, a play, or concert/symphony on Sundays, and do this perhaps at a savings over the rest of the week.

Also, Sundays are quieter and traffic is less severe. No parties or pubs letting out late on Sunday, business aren't generally open, and my workload is less. 

That may be one reason why some don't like IS a time of rest, of family dinners, and summer picnics, outdoor skating in the wintertime, and much more.

Next week I'll blog on four reasons I love Saturdays!


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  1. Nice! Interesting post for Edmontonians and us Michiganders, too!