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Saturday, June 1, 2013

O Canada, our True North Strong and Free

As you all know, I'm a Canadian author, born and raised here.

Some interesting facts about Canada:

Meaning of the name Canada:

Jacques Cartier first used the term "kanata" for the new Dominion from the Huron-Iroquois word for "village."

Other names were considered:

The fathers of confederation considered other names such as:

  • Victorialand
  • Borealia
  • Cabotia
  • Tuponia (The United Provinces of North America)
  • Superior
  • Norland
  • Hochelaga

 What is the meaning of "eh"?

Considered uniquely Canadian in its usage, the term eh? at the end of a sentence means "do you understand?" or "Do you agree?"

Meaning of the Canadian flag:

The number of points in the maple leaf (11) on the flag are not symbolic of anything in particular. According to the Canadian Heritage site, our flag, which was introduced to the country in 1965 by our then Prime Minister, Lester B. Pearson, is a symbol of unity of all peoples in the nation regardless of race, creed, color, or origin.

Wikipedia says: "The red and white used in the National Flag of Canada were proclaimed the official colours of Canada in 1921 by King George V. Although the maple leaf did not have official status as an emblem of Canada until the proclamation of the national flag in 1965, it had historically been used as a Canadian symbol, and was used in 1860 in decorations for the visit of the Prince of Wales to Canada."

A site suggests the white stands for purity and the red stands for bravery or valor.

We don't have a pledge of allegiance to our flag.


A British comedian whose name I forget had a hilarious skit about the meaning of flags. Countries place their little pieces of cloth to denote ownership. The first country to plant its flag owns the territory. heh heh

One must be careful in satirizing the flag of another country. 

Flagpole sitting stunts in Seattle, Washington, USA:

 The 1920's:



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