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Saturday, November 10, 2012

FATAL ERROR - Guest post with Author Eileen Schuh

In celebration of its long-anticipated release, FATAL ERROR is FREE for a short time on Amazon!
Click here to download this eBook from  or Click here to download FATAL ERROR free from  for FREE on Saturday, 10th  November 2012 or Sunday, 11 November 2012.
My new release, FATAL ERROR, is the second in a series, and I hope I met the special challenges involved in writing a sequel.  The beginning and the ending were the most difficult to write—not only did they need to receive effective treatment as the beginning and ending of FATAL ERROR, they also had to connect the novel to both its prequel and sequel.
Some series are the type wherein the same cast of characters reappears in each novel and participates in a new adventure, generally of the same ilk as the one before it.  Series such as Nancy Drew and James Bond are those kinds of stories.
The second type of series follows the characters through time as well as through adventures. The genre and target readership of the stories may change as the characters step into the new roles that come with their aging and changing circumstances.
That second type of series is the one into which FATAL ERROR falls.  In THE TRAZ (Book I), because the protagonist was a young teen, the story was written with her adolescence in mind. The challenges she faced were those of an at-risk youngster on the cusp of adulthood.  The plot, the vocabulary level, the focus of the story was written to match her age.
In FATAL ERROR, Katrina achieves the adult status she’s wanted since she can remember, though we’re pretty sure she’s not going to find it as wonderful as she imagines (because nobody does). She’s enthralled with the freedom adulthood allows, but overwhelmed by the accompanying responsibilities. And she cheats a bit on her aging. You’ll have to read the book to find out how she so ably brings that about.
FATAL ERROR, although it will appeal to teens intrigued with the idea of waltzing past those blasted difficult mid-teens and getting to 20 quickly, is directed at an adult readership. The subject matter naturally changes from adolescent dilemmas to more complicated ones as Katrina becomes fully immersed in the adult world.  The adult characters who were peripheral to Katrina’s story in THE TRAZ, step forward energetically in FATAL ERROR and drive the story with their adult perspectives, strengths, wisdom and weaknesses.
Although FATAL ERROR is a psychological crime thriller, when we turn that last page we’re left with the distinct feeling that Book III of the BackTracker series might well be marketed as a romance novel.
We’ll have to wait to find out for sure.
I do like writing series, but I don’t want to cheat my readers. I suspect they want a complete story when they pay for a novel. I have to make sure that I wrap up all those lose ends and answer all the burning questions...well, most of them. Actually, all of them except for the two new ones I snuck in on the last page.
It’s not unsolved riddles and unresolved plot lines that will compel my readers to seek out Book III, but rather the loose ends of the character’s lives, hearts and psyches—much like how the natural suspense of the unknown future drives our very own real-life stories.
 After reading THE TRAZ and FATAL ERROR , BackTracker fans will know what Katrina did, saw, learned, forgot, loved and lost between the age of 12 and 20. They’ll know how all her successes and failures were dealt with during that time period and how her problems were solved.
What they won’t know is how all that trauma and drama is going to affect her future life. What kind of wife, mother, grandmother, police officer will it make her?
The persistent danger, the betrayals, the unrequited love—what kind of adult will Katrina become?

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  1. Thank you, Kenna, for hosting me and helping me promote FATAL ERROR.