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Tuesday, March 20, 2012

When I'm Published and the Ol' Beehive has landed

Nobody gets rich and famous from one book. An author has a better chance of winning the lottery or striking the moon in the eye than becoming self sufficient from their fiction.

My publisher sent me the ARC PDF of the Jive Hive yesterday and it's lookin' good. We're working on getting blurb reviews from published authors or reviewers, just 1 - 2 sentences like this thriller will make you vomit on your Mercedes Benz, except better than that, just how the ARC strikes the emotions of the reviewer.

Two very fine friends who are published authors have agreed to send me a sentence or two. I've contacted a couple of very well known published authors who probably will ignore me, but you never know. When I'm famous I won't ignore little beginning authors, will I? I hope not but when I'm famous I might be too busy and important to bother with what might be hundreds of requests. I understand, James and Jeremy.

Meanwhile, we're working on the cover. It's a secret but it's going to be so much fun. The Ol' Beehive will land in a few months, maybe sooner, and thank you, Al the Ghostman, and Phil the Wishful Dreamer, and Lee the Karate Kid III.

Let's roll, fellow authors! and especially our readers.

Tomorrow a blog post idea from Alan Place, master of ghost stories and the Pat Canella Connection. What say, Phil and Lee, what's next?

1 comment:

  1. Ha ha thanks Kenna, from Lee too. The very best of luck in your quest for fame. With the jive hive, I have no doubt you will go from strength to strength. Have fun as always, and don't forget us mere mortals! Phil (and Lee)