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Monday, March 5, 2012

Research on Bees and Wasps and its Relevance

Research is easier than ever of course, everyone knows that, using the wonderful invention of Bill Gates and Steve Jobs and thousands of other brilliant programmers and entrepreneurs working behind the scenes. 

I remember writing my first book in 1982, a nondescript semi-autobiographical novel called And Ye Shall Be As Gods, and the research involved in that. I purchased books about Greece, ancient Greece, visited libraries and travel agencies for airline schedules and descriptive brochures about Greece, asked family members about the particular location in B.C. in which the book was set, made copious notes on lined yellow foolscap, and emerged with what I considered a masterpiece. My unethical agent charged me $200 to consider it a masterpiece, too, and it didn't go anywhere.

Enter the 21st Century and research on the web. Caution is advised as many sites, including Wikipedia, are driven by amateurs who may or may not have factual information. 

Enter my soon to be published book The Jive Hive. Research on bees and wasps involved a few keywords, a lot of time, and much interest finally in the Apian Way. Let it be said that I took some liberties with the genuine lives of bees and wasps here on earth, and transposed the knowledge I gained to an alien species, with some modifications. I did learn that Wasps are not Bees and that led to some changes in the context of The Jive Hive and the relevance of its two distinct Apian species on board the Skyhive.

I like research because I learn so much. I like to write fantasy and horror because I have so much freedom to invent and write what I want. But still, some facts are certainly necessary.


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