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Thursday, December 29, 2011

Wasps and Self-Care with Baking Soda

A bee or wasp sting can be fatal to someone who's allergic to it. When I was a child I was stung by honeybees but my mother put a paste of baking soda and water on the sting, which she said "drew out" the sting, and I had no further trouble.

I found this on-line at

"I was stung seven times by wasps when I disturbed their ground nest. I immediately ran into my shop, closed the door, and brushed a couple out of my hair and off my clothes. Then into the house and my wife mixed up a baking soda and water paste and applied to each of the stings to pull the venom out. When the paste dried up and flaked off she put it on again. When that dried the stinging was gone and the swelling was controlled by cold packs and the itching by hydrocortisone cream. After three days the itching and swelling are almost gone."

The villains in the Jive Hive are monstrous wasps and bees, particularly the wasps or hornets. They also have a Death Ray and a War Machine. Formidable! Especially in view of the damage just a little insect can inflict on an otherwise healthy human.


  1. My followers tell me they can't post to this blog. I'm not sure what the problem is but I'm investigating it. Judi told me a friend of hers is allergic to bee stings and might have a reaction just READING about it! But she said it's good to know about the baking soda treatment. However, that doesn't work in case of allergies. In case of an allergy hie thyself to a doctor or emergency department right away!

  2. A friend of mine is allergic to bee stings. He'd probably go into anaphylactic shock just READING The Jive Hive! Thanks for the tip on baking soda!