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Friday, July 27, 2012

Talented Indie Artists, Musicians, Publishers and Writers I'm proud to know

There are many very talented Indie people around, including authors, publishers, designers, artists, musicians. I've met a lot and I try to encourage all of them.

  • The publisher of DISCOVERY-An Anthology of Poetry, Authors for a Cause, is Indie and consists of a father and daughter team who have a vision of helping children learn to read. 

  • Imajin Books is an Indie publisher awesome in its scope of promotion and knowledge of the book industry and writing, mainly due to its founder, Cheryl Tardif. They will be releasing my first novel, SpaceHive, on August 10, 2012 on

  • Diamond Heart Press is a mother/daughter publishing company in California who are publishing our young reader's book Benjamin and Rumblechum in April 2013. They have a dream, and they are stainless in their pursuit of perfection and purity.

  • An Indie band I've discovered to my delight plays from Vancouver, Canada. They're called Sons of Granville. A duo who plays on a fiddle and acoustic guitar. I bought their CD and I want to mention them in a positive light when I can as they're a young band, just starting up, and I think they're very good. I sat with their drummer/manager on a Greyhound bus going to Vancouver. He was a very polite and very talented young man who took the time to explain to an older woman, as I am, technologies I wasn't familiar with, was patient and pleasant, and I'm happy to promote their band, which is billed as classical/rock. Very energetic and amazing instrumental music. 
  • Amazing and wonderful authors, publishers, musicians, and graphic artists with a vision and independence, entrepreneurs, beautiful and moving like the wind, and they're not going to go away. They will give rise to a spring of their own tomorrow. The seeds have been planted, they are nourishing their futures, they are springing up from the grassroots of their democratic heritage. I might be here to see it flower.
  • This is the generation and the face of the future.


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