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Monday, August 20, 2018

Eve Gaal's Second Book About Penny!!

Though it’s a standalone sequel, Penniless Souls is the second half of a two-part journey called the Lost Compass Love Series. Follow Penny and John through the Mojave Desert to Las Vegas, Nevada where old dreams and dark nightmares intertwine, colliding with the bitter truth. Is Penny up to the challenge? Is she willing to bet her last cent?

Here’s a snippet from Chapter One:

“Can you trust me?”
Quietly, she nodded and placed her head back on his shoulder.  “I have so far,” she mumbled without conviction.
It felt like a white flag of surrender.  The type of submission that reminded her of submissive
women in advertising campaigns of the fifties.  Without a job or money, she had only one thing left.  Fortunately, it was something valuable, something called love.
Buy it by clicking here and don't forget to write a short review!

If you'd like to see the beginning of Penny's journey, buy Penniless Hearts! Buy both to get the entire series!

Kenna's paranormal fantasy trilogy, Den of Dark Angels, is available on Amazon worldwide! 
Buy it here:

5 star review by Mara: "This is a fun read right off the bat!! I finished the first novella hysterically laughing at everyone's ill fate. George and Bernice will be missed!!!"


  1. Thank you for featuring my books Kenna. The Me Too movement began as I was finishing this novel. There's so much to say. I hope any mother reading this will be inspired to communicate with their daughters.

  2. It's too late for many of us, Eve, but we must speak out. Thank you for your comment and your equally inspiring book.