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Tuesday, October 30, 2012


Latest review -- is also on Amazon.

“Let's go all paranormal. I love the author Jessie (who I met on twitter), she is the paranormal version of Agatha Christie. Jessie has this wonderful writing style which combines English eccentricity with a frantic grab hold of your arm type urgency. You feel the author is desperate to tell this story and you as reader feel you must find out about what all the fuss is about. Brilliant. .

Sally is our main character in the book.. let's face it, everything she does, everything she thinks or even looks at has blue ectoplasmic manifestations hovering over it and her life is so paranormal that to her the paranormal is in fact normal. Sally's life is all strange dreams and odd encounters with the hidden worlds beyond the mysterious curtain of sleep and death. Sally has one foot in this world and another in the spirit world. But has no idea what it all means... We need some help here so,,, Sally calls the all seeing psychic Mrs Harris who for a consideration will tell you half of the story.. Put even more cash on the table she will tell you a bit more.

Only when Mrs Harris has emptied your bank account will she spill the beans. Sally there is a message coming in… two children, a woman who lived in the past are contacting you .. But why?.. That will be another £200 luv…I loved the Mrs Harris character. Winter is the time to read about such paranormal goings on. I read this book with sound of the autumn wind blowing in the trees outside ,very late at night. This book is well written and highly entertaining. It's set in White Haven in Cumbria, which or witch is on the coast. looking out across the water is Ireland. If you drive over the North Yorkshire moors from where I live.. head North west. There is Cumbria, one of the most beautiful landscapes in Europe.. the English lake district. The women are mostly witches, and the men are all taxi drivers as there are few buses in this part of the world. They still have those wicker man human sacrifices in spring up in the hills so if they invite you to a "May poll" dance… run….

Anyway a brilliant book, by a brilliant writer (our Jessie), Moreover, the story is set in a wonderful part of the world… I hope people will buy the book as Jessie is a great character in her own right, her paranormal writing really has style.

This was a review of the kindle edition and the book is highly recommended.”

 An excerpt from White Heaven Women: 

 Beth sat in her invalid chair beside the hotel pool. "Why is she here?" Margaret asked Constance. "Is she a servant's daughter? Or has the girl been in an accident?" "Beth is my daughter from a previous marriage." "I've never heard of someone from high society keeping a crippled child. I'd assumed all babies born to rich families with an affliction were cared for in convents or the like." "Beth's disability didn't appear until she was older, Margaret. By then it was too late for doctors to help her and I'd grown to love her. I couldn't bear to let her go." "You were very brave to keep her. What would you have done with her if you had been underprivileged?" Constance changed the topic, not wanting to remember the workhouse or that part of her life.


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