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Sunday, February 19, 2012


Phil Parry
Blogging with Philip Parry, author of Wishful Thinking, available on Phil is an interesting guy who lives in the UK, and an all around good fella.

Tell us something about yourself, Phil.

I live in the UK, town called Skelmersdale in the county of West Lancashire. It's a 'new town' and inhabited mainly from the 'overspill' of Liverpool. It has a population of around 40,000. I was born in Seaforth, Liverpool, and lived there until I was eight years old. My parents then took us to Dunedin in New Zealand in search of a better life. Home sickness set in very soon after arriving and I think ate away mostly at my Mum. We returned to England after only a few, but long, months. Our family had to be split for a while, with some staying with an  Aunt in Skelmersdale, and the rest, including myself, staying with an Uncle in  Bootle, Liverpool. After some time, which I enjoyed in the company of my Uncle Ernie and his rather colourful comrades, we then moved to Skelmersdale,  where I still live. I had a lovely childhood with the same up and downs as most  kids, but enjoyed it. Didn't think until my teenage years about writing at all, and my imagination, rather than experiences is what made me, not 'become a writer,' but simply 'write'. 

I wanted to be a martial arts instructor!!!

What led you to write a book called 'Wishful Thinking'?

When I was younger my older brother read a lot and would give me books that he enjoyed. Some I enjoyed, others not, and I began to think that I could do that! The title came before I had put pen to paper, but I'd already thought and planned the story. Hence, the title seemed perfect.

Phil has a day job which seems perfect for a writer.

I am a private hire taxi driver, or minicab driver, and after working day shifts for many years, now only work nights. Seeing real life and real people and real situations, some nice, some scary and some simply horrendous (that applies to both the people and the situations by the way!) I think bits of peoples' characters and the way they speak has been used with my own imagination. 

Are you working on a second book, Phil?

Yes, I'm working on the second book. I'm about half way through the story that is  planned in my mind, however, I tend to alter things as I write so maybe I'm not quite half way yet! Think I'll need 2 - 3 months to complete the pen to paper draft (yes, I do it the old fashioned way!) and then maybe a month to transfer to  computer, edit, and basically 'touch up' and 'fuss' over. 

What was your proudest moment?

My proudest moment was when I actually held a copy of my published novel 'Wishful Thinking' and realized that I had actually done it and was now and forever, no matter what, a published author.

How do you come up with such interesting characters? Do you know characters like this in real life? Do you mine your day job for characters and settings?

I try to simply use my imagination to put real life types of people into my imaginary situations, and I have met many people with different quirks in their character, and have lived in many settings.

Who influenced you or mentored you in order to make you the writer and person you are today, Phil?

My parents, two brothers and two sisters, all older than me, influenced me the  most. I am the 'baby' ha ha! All have influenced me and I suppose 'mentored' me  at various points in my life. My karate instructor Mr. William ( BILLY ) Higgins was, and still is, a major player in my opinions of self worth and self rights. He taught me through my teenage years with respect and military-like instructions,  but also with humour and friendship. I still hold total and utter respect and thanks to him -- no nonsense and true gentleman!

You write poetry and draw. Can you comment on your inspiration for that?

Since I was in junior school. At the time I called it doodling' not 'poetry' and in fact still do!

The older of my two older brothers is, and has always been, an absolutely amazing artist, in particular, 'sketcher'. His skill with a pencil is astonishing, and from  seeing this from an early age I was simply jealous and still am. I have attempted to achieve the same through my own 'sketches' but admit I still 'achieve' to fail! 

Do you have a favorite author, books, or music, Phil? What motivates your muse, in other words?

Don't have a favourite author. If the story and writing style grips me, then I applaud the 'author' whoever they are. Favourite books, simply because they mesmerize me, Lord of the Rings, and (with no religious reasons or beliefs swaying me), the Holy Bible. 

How may we get more information about you?  

My good friend GLENN PYE has added, designed, edited and basically built the webpage and the blog page. I am grateful to him for all his hard and amazing work. See my webpage or Phil's author blog.   

Thank you, Phil Parry, for this entertaining and informative interview. Do check out Phil's author blog and his webpage for more information on 'Wishful Thinking' and Phil's amazing talents!!



  1. Interesting interview, Kenna. You've sure come a long way in just over a year, eh? Good work!

  2. Thank you, Judi. Yes, thanks to God and man and woman and cat, rooster, horse...I've come a long way. I can't take credit for all of it. I've been published for only two years now, and it's quite amazing what good fortune there is in being grounded in reality.