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Friday, May 11, 2012

Name the Black Watch Spaceship

Ready for another contest?

You will win a $5 gift card if you name the giant alien wasps' (Black Watch) spaceship.

The last contest generated lots of neat names for the book, and an awesome Greek label for their home planet. Buzz on over and win your FREE gift card now for an equally great name for the SpaceHive, my choice. See if you can change my mind.

The title of the book is SpaceHive, like their ship.

If you can change my mind about the ship you might change the title, too. No promises, but see what perhaps a sequel would be called, and come up with some ideas for the cover page, too, if you like.

A hideous wasp looking toward Earth? Bipp, Banter and Zibb dancing to Jason's music on the plains of India?

Not a lot of time, the book is in its last edits!

Please comment here, but the winner also must email me (via my profile page) so I can gift him/her.

Give me the latest buzz. Groan.


  1. How about Thoraxicon or Abdomeninus, Kenna

  2. Thanks, Al, that would fit in with the Greek suggestion of last week. That would seem to indicate the spaceship has a thorax or abdomen. Well, perhaps...

  3. I was just trying to avoid all the cliche's and make it sound powerfully elite, Kenna LOL

  4. You ARE powerfully elite, Al. I note the coincidence with your new middle name. A $5 gift card will go out to you tonight. Carpe diem, my friends.

  5. Thank you, Sue. You'll get your $5 amazon gift card tonight. It seems we've entered the realm of Latinus creepingus.

    Let's consider the contest closed now.

    Thanks, everyone. Look for the next contest in a couple of weeks, perhaps just before the book is released.

  6. May I say that both Al and Sue are very clever. I like Apiarexus Nexus, can read "bees" in that word. But tempus fugit and we must move on from here. Thanks again, folks.

    Any middle grade readers here, last chance for the kids?